Full Suits – Starting @ $3500

Includes standard body with front or back zipper, hands, feet, tail, and head with 3D eyes.

Body padding, stripes, spots, custom patterns and specific details are extra.

I use software to generate body patterns so in most cases a duct tape dummy is not required.   I will ask for measurements about a month before I begin work on your suit.

1400413604.bycats4cats_phasePartial Suits – Starting @ $2100

Includes head with 3D eyes, hands, feet and tail.  (the partial shown in the photo is with the optional fur arms & fur legs.

Body padding, hands include elbow length fur. Feetpaw cuffs have a rise of 10″.

I also offer fur arms sewn into a spandex shirt (+$250) and fur legs sewn into lightweight stretchy shorts (+$350).

Digitigrade leg padding – Starting at $450digi

Padding on legs to give the digitigrade look.

If you would like the digitigrade legs, I will require a duct tape dummy from you.

Head Commissions – $1400

 Include static jaws, tongue, teeth and our standard “3D” eyes.

Lion luxury manes may be extra depending on materials and amount of different colors.

You can add LEDs in the eyes to brighten them up and Fans in the upper muzzle for a bit of airflow.


Hands:    4 digit-$195     5 digit-$235   Claws= +$40

Feet:   $240  Claws = +$40

Indoor Feet (Fur bottoms with vinyl paw pads)  $320    Claws = +$40

Feet Built on Heelys = $220 + cost & shipping of the Heely shoes.   Claws = +$40

Body sections start at $1500