Full Suits – Starting @ $3100

Includes standard body with front or back zipper, hands, feet, tail, and head with 3D eyes.

Body padding, stripes, spots, custom patterns and specific details are extra.

I use software to generate body patterns so in most cases a duct tape dummy is not required.   I will ask for measurements about a month before I begin work on your suit.

1400413604.bycats4cats_phasePartial Suits – Starting @ $1900

Includes head with 3D eyes, hands, feet and tail.

Body padding, hands include elbow length fur. Feetpaw cuffs have a rise of 10″.

I also offer fur arms sewn into a spandex shirt and fur legs sewn into lightweight stretchy shorts

@ +$100 each (extra for stripes or spots)

Digitigrade leg padding – Starting at $350digi

Padding on legs to give the digitigrade look.

If you would like the digitigrade legs, I will require a duct tape dummy from you.

Head Commissions – $1100

 Include static jaws, tongue, teeth and our standard “3D” eyes.

Lion luxury manes may be extra depending on materials and amount of different colors.


Hands:    4 digit-$165     5 digit-$195   Claws= +$40

Feet:   $220  Claws = +$40

Indoor Feet (Fur bottoms with vinyl paw pads)  $300    Claws = +$40

Feet Built on Heelys = $180 + cost & shipping of the Heely shoes.   Claws = +$40

Body sections start at $1400